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What Does LeadsLander Do?

We turn documents you already have into Lander Web Pages that appear HERE »»

Documents You Already Have ..

"I can't write web pages, I don't have the time, background, or technical knowledge."

You don't have to write web pages. We create Lander Web Pages from material you've already written.

Suppose your company sells cleaning products, and you've recently answered an inquiry from a customer on how to clean a wine stain out of wool carpet. Paste the paragraphs from your email reply into the Lander Manager. We turn it into a search-engine-optimized web page. Soon, Internet users wanting to get wine stains out of their wool carpets will be led to your company.

.. turned into Lander Web Pages:

"I paid a lot for my web site, but I'm not getting many visitors."

Your Lander Web Pages attract visitors in three ways: