How LeadsLander Works

  1. You cut/paste customer-oriented documents into the Lander Manager.
  2. We publish them as search-engine-optimized Lander Web Pages.
  3. Your Lander Web Pages begin appearing in Google search results.
  4. Search engine users learn about your company and web site.

What Does It Take?

Five Minutes ..

To turn one document or email into a Lander Web Page.

Two Weeks ..

For your first Lander Web Page to appear in Google.

Ten to Twenty ..

Lander Web Pages to increase the search engine ranking of your web site.

Why LeadsLander Works

How can Lander Web Pages ("Landers") rank higher than pages in your existing web site? First, because each Lander is written in HTML markup optimized for Search Engines. Second each Lander focuses on a narrow group of searchers, whereas your web site presents your company to the public at large.

Suppose a customer emailed asking how to use your company's cleaning product to remove coffee stains from a rug. Your reply probably contains the keywords "coffee stain" and "rug" more often than any page in your main web site. Thus the Lander Web Page will rank higher than your main web site for "coffee stain rug" and similar searches.

Lander Web Pages target those customers most interested and best-matched to your product. By adding more Landers, your company appears in Google results for more and more search topics.

How Do I Start?

Try the Demo
Build a Lander Web Page!
It's fun and only takes 5 minutes.
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