The Company was formed to develop a business where techniques learned in process automation and expert system application could be applied to Web Site Marketing and promotion. These skills were developed working on technologies supporting Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and test. Our most recent project applied expert systems to electrical test fixture and test program design.

Based in Southern California, helps small and medium sized businesses improve their Internet search visibility and attract new customers. We do this by providing search-engine-optimization (SEO) tools that can be run in-house by existing employees.

Ed Shea, principal

Ed Shea

Ed Shea has over 30 years experience in strategic business development for technology related products. An early adopter of new technologies, Ed was a principal in several small and medium sized manufacturing and service businesses. The web became an integral part of their sales channel, and a key to their success. That expertise is now available to your company through the step-by-step tools here at LeadsLander.

Tom Guthrie

Tom Guthrie

Tom Guthrie has over twenty years of experience developing software and other technology related products. The experience he gained building several CAD/CAM applications is now brought to bear on the development of web-based applications for small and medium sized businesses that do not have a full-time IT staff.