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It's suppressing how many business website owners will search using the name and address of their company.

Your prospective customers will not know the name of your company, or the URL(WEB address) of your existing web site. Look for your site the way a prospective customer would. Use search terms that describe the products and services that you offer. If you do not see your site in the first three pages of the SERP, (Search Engine Results Page) you’re not visible to most prospects.

The top four search engines:

The top two search engines (Google and Yahoo) have over 80% of the search traffic in North America.

Look at the first three pages:

Search on all the terms you have, remember your hoping to introduce your product to someone who is either new to your company or is unaware you have this product. Now you see how visible you are to potential customers, you will also see how often you encounter your competitors. Keep searching with all the terms that have results relevant to your product.

Which pages have the best content related to the search term?

You can establish authority for search terms with LeadsLander campaigns.

The results in the first few pages have the most content relevant to the search terms. The more crowded the market the more authoritative the content must be to make it to the first pages. You also see that there are two types of results, the natural results, and the sponsored links. One is a form of paid advertising which stops when you stop paying, the natural result will be there as long as your page is relevant to the search query.

Links from authoritative pages increase ranking.

Page also rank well as they increase their “Link Popularity” among sites with the same theme. External links bolster a pages ranking with the biggest impact from other content rich pages on the same topic. The anchor text for these links ideally contains the target pages keywords.