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Search for your Competitor's Site:

You have been searching for your own site and found several of your competitor's in the first three pages of the organic results. You may have also seen some of them in "sponsored Links" , these links are paid advertising spots available on most of the search portals. Let's pick those sites that most closely match the products we are offering. Compare your site to each of the competitors. You will find that the sites that return with the best organic (unpaid) results, most often have more textual information related to the search terms. Link popularity of these sites also contributes to their ranking. Some site may have such extensive off site links that they will rank primarily for their popularity.

Search Engines are blind to text in images:

Search engines are reading the text that is visible to them, looking to catalogue the pages in an index that later will be the reference for search. Sites which are rich in graphic material without the text to support the images will not appear to a search engine as content rich. In fact they are "blind" to images and cannot see any text presented as a graphic in an image.

Search Engines don't have feelings:

After examining several sites you find that the "look and feel" of the site has little to do with the position in the page results. The pages have been indexed based on the content that the search engine could read. A page will appear in the first few results because it has a lot of information "relevant" to the search term.

Look for pages designed to capture search traffic:

Web sites are designed with a purpose in mind, most often to present an impressive image to the humans who we hope will view the site. This does not serve the purpose of helping those using search portals to find you as a provider of the product they need. LeadsLander pages are designed to capture search traffic.