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LeadsLander Pages are Effective:

You know if you could get a prospects attention you have a compelling story to tell. If the prospect has an immediate need that you have addressed with your content you may get a call directly. Sometimes this is just what happens.

Becoming visible on the web is like participating in a trade show:

In the days before the Web, trade shows were the browsing medium. You make yourself visible to all the surfers passing your booth. The content comes in the responses to the visitors questions. You most often relate how your company has solved problems for customers. You tell the visitor about your latest addition of equipment or a new process that will deliver value. These stories are very effective in getting the visitor to give you their contact information. And that is the model for LeadsLander pages, customers respond to this content.

Attendance is way up on the Web:

Attendance in the form of visitors on the Web is growing all the time. Visibility comes with pages designed to be search engine friendly. LeadsLander  pages are optimized to be found, and indexed so they rank well.

Building Link Popularity is the equivalent of having signposts in front of the exhibition hall point to your booth.

Making the content relevant to the visitors search is the key to having that happen. You have the material so now let’s put it in a form we can use in LeadsLander pages. The Author Assistant walks you through the process Step by Step producing the content from your stories that make these pages work.

How do we create content:

You are the one who knows your business. You have been responding to queries by prospective customers effectively for years. You may have made presentations to trade originations, published papers, or helped your equipment suppliers with product referrals. Even the training materials you use for your sales people can be ready sources for the content you need. Author Assistant will guide you through the process of turning the material you already have into rich page content that gets attention.