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Use LeadsLander to Drive Traffic to your site:

LeadsLander pages are ideal for building your traffic catching net. Add pages and compare the results, keep improving your position without breaking that corporate site.

You do not need to overhaul your site to develop traffic.

How many times are websites rebuilt because they don’t produce any leads? The new website is just a rework of the old site. You need pages relevant to searched terms if you want new leads.

You have made an investment in your image:

Generally corporate sites closely follow the design of their printed brochure. A brochure is designed to present an image to your client, its something that is given to a prospect once you have already made contact. You may be happy with the corporate image the web site presents. Let’s face it you’re here to get the web to work for you. You’re going to add another track to your marketing campaign. You’ll have a much better idea of how the world responds to your website presentation once you have traffic.

LeadsLander campaigns are an easy way to publish material relevant to your business without being a webmaster. You need traffic to your site from prospects searching for your products. How can you know what your missed opportunities are without website traffic?

Your existing web site may serve many purposes:

There are many purposes for your corporate website, marketing is just one. You may have online catalogues, order tracking, material safety data sheets, any number of purposes outside the marketing discipline. Sites dedicated to these purposes are well maintained by your IT professionals. We don’t often ask the IT department to deliver our marketing strategy, so why now, just because the medium is on the Web?

LeadsLander pages do not duplicate your site:

LeadsLander pages contain a specific topic related to your business. You have an easy means to publish Google friendly pages that attract searchers in your field. Better than a blog the page is focused on one topic in a campaign. The better the campaign the more value the links will have for your website. LeadsLander campaigns are like signposts pointing to your site.