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Find the Intended "keywords" in the code

Web page authors will often show you the keywords and phrases they target. This does not mean they are successful. Check the same page with the AML analysis tool.

In your web browser open the web site of a business in your field.  On the top menu bar pick "view" and select "view source" from the menu. The code for this page will be displayed in a text editor.  You can scan the text for the list of keywords, or use the edit/find feature to locate the keyword text.  As you see here the are words and phrases separated by "," comas.  These terms are  generally what the page designer hoped would associate his page with these terms. 

Keyword Selector Screen Google

The best bet here is to examine a couple of web sites and collect some of the words and phrases from the "keyword" section in the page.  You may want to open a text editor where you can copy and paste the terms.  Save this file with a title of "keyword-list.txt" it may be used later in the LeadsLander page generation.  While your here make a note of the "title" and "description"  to see how they relate to the product offered on this page.   The more descriptive the better.