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Evaluation Tools help you understand how a Search Engines view of a web page contributes to ranking.

Google your Site:

Look for your products using the search terms your customers may use. Do you show up in the first couple of pages? Google is a place to start given it's popularity. You will find the other major search engines in the Search Portals.

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AML KeyPhrase analysis Tool:

The KeyPhrase Tool will display the most frequently used keywords and key phrases present in the web page entered. Run this tool on web pages and to get an indication of how a search engine may index the page. Find pages that rank high in the search engine results pages (SERP) to see what terms and phrases they were their focus. The LeadsLander PageAuthor evaluates pages in the same way.

Link popularity comparison tool:

Links to your web site are considered referrals by search engines when they index your pages. Getting links from pages with content related to your site is the most effective way to Build Link Popularity.

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Find where your competitors rank on the web:

Find your competitors in the search results. Use the terms that return the companies in your field. Collect their URL's for further examination.

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Compare how your pages look to a search engine:

Use this tool to compare the pages that rank well in the SERP'S with your pages. Compare the page titles, meta information, and most common two and three word phrases between the different pages. .

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Detailed view of your page:

View a page from the perspective of the search engine, see only what it sees when it indexes your page.

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Develop keywords and phrases for your pages:

Keywords and phrases are critical in page ranking, they work best when they are consistent with the theme of you content. The task is to find the terms used by searchers looking for the topic addressed in your content theme.

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