AML Keyword analysis Tool:

This tool will, when given a URL, display the most frequently used keywords and key phrases present in the web page entered. Run this tool on web pages and to get an indication of how a search engine may index the page. Find pages that rank high in the search engine results pages (SERP) to see what terms and phrases they were their focus. The LeadsLander PageAuthor evaluates pages in the same way.

The Google Labs keyword suggestion page:

Google Suggest

Google labs keyword suggestion tool will help you discover key phrases for use in LeadsLander pages. As you type your terms Google will suggest terms along with the frequency of searches for that string. Once you have selected a search term the tool returns those pages containing the term from the Google index.

You may encounter an error depending on your browser settings, if suggested keywords do not appear as you type please right click on the Google Logo and open the tool in a new window or tab. The page should work correctly in the new window.

The Yahoo Search keyword suggestion page:

This tool is provided for free by Wordtracker. Click on the Wordtracker Logo.

Get more information for your keyword selection from another leading source. Type your search phrases in the tool and find suggested similar terms and phrases along with their frequency.