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How many searches are looking for your product?

Search engines provide tools to show you what people are searching for. Just like any other form of advertising they need to show that they have an audience. One of the ways they do that is to provide reports on the terms people are using in search.

Find the terms most often used in the search queries:

Use these tools to find search terms and search phrases that relate to your product. These tools will give you a good indication of what search queries are used and the frequency of the search. Let's start with the Yahoo tool Overture here is a sample of what you will find.

Keyword Selector Screen Overture

Now the sixteen hundred pound gorilla Google

Keyword Selector Screen Google

From these results build the keyword list relating to our business:

With this keyword list use a comparison tool to see how web pages are seen by the search engines. The more a page is rich in content relating to these keyword strings the higher they will be ranked by the search engine in the responses presented in (SERP'S) "Search Engine Result Pages"