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Creating content for a LeadsLander page:

Follow these guidelines to produce your page copy.

Review the material you have on hand:

Match-up a Key Phrase with your content:

Writing a new article on topical issues in your Industry:

Choosing the Style:

Web readers generally prefer writing that is concise, easy to scan, and objective (rather than promotional) in style.

Set the tone for your reader and stick with it. Be direct and to your point. Readers prefer to scan rather than read, want text to be short and to the point, and dismiss overly hyped promotional writing ("marketese").

The elements that must be included:

None of your copy should be wasted on terms such as; quality, professional, best in class, etc. You can imagine the number of pages on the web that contain these terms. They won’t convince anyone of your credibility and serve to dilute the density of your keyword.

Establish your credibility:

You will be one of many on that first page, make the copy readable and easy to understand. Read your page aloud to someone in your group. State the title of the page, the description for the page and your target keyword. If it makes sense to them you have effective copy.

For more on writing for the web here is a recommended site.

Another resource for writing quality web content found here.