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Prospects search for information:

The hard sell can be a turn off for prospects search for background information. When you search for a new product or application you are educating yourself. Help prospects by providing that background information. This can be provided in case studies, how your solutions have been provided in the past. You may introduce your prospects to an application they are not aware you can provide.

This leads to a broader selection of key phrases that if you’re only looking to direct product searches.

Keyword Research:

You most important task is to assemble a number of terms that a prospect may use in researching your product or service. Put yourself in their shoes; think the way your prospects would when searching for your products. Consider phrases when compiling your list of search terms. When searchers are not satisfied with the results they will narrow the search by adding words to the search term. Choose only terms where you have content to offer in support of the terms you choose. Time will test your pages, those that perform well are examples to follow, and those that do not still represent quality external links to you web site.

Keep the focus Topic:

LeadsLander PageAuthor will score you content as you produce your pages.

Focus your content on the keyword and be rewarded with better placement. Avoid the temptation to cover some other bases on the same page. You may loose the viewer rather then introduce the viewer to another product. If the page is effective you will have another chance to broader your exposure when you contact the prospect.

Find Keywords in the page code:

You may want to look to see where your competitors have focused their attention. If their ranking well their pages will give you clues to their success. This link is a guide to finding the keywords in the page code.