Electric Heating Elements

SUNRISE PRODUCTS are manufacturer of ELECTRIC HEATING ELEMENTS since 1993. As an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, we cater to several industrial applications in Indian and International market. 


SUNRISE manufactures and exports a wide variety of electric heating elements for low and high temperature applications as per the specific requirement of customers at competitive prices. These are manufactured by in different types of materials viz BRASS, COPPER, STAINLESS STEEL, TITANIUM, ALUMINUM, INCOLOY, LEAD SILICA GLASS, CERAMIC, MICA ETC.


Some of the heating elements of SUNRISE wide range are: Immersion, tubular, Finned Covered, Castled, Hot Runner, Infra Red, Cartridge, Rewire able, Porcelain and bobbin, Coil type. Quartz, Pencil type, Radiant type, Ceramic & Mica Band. For details of various types of heating elements manufactured by SUNRISE