Printing Paper Stock saves you  money by printing and donating 20% of the gross sale (not profit) goes to a pet in need

We pay out quarterly to a needy pet or organization of our choosing

Dogs, cats, turtles, dolphins, you name it we will help

What and why:

I have been printing paper stock and banner stock for over 15years, I have been in the past 2 years since Pancho Villa showed up helping adopt pets that need homes. In july of 2009 I put on a dog surf contest to raise $$, awareness and also we directly adopted 7 of the 15 dogs from that came to our event.

Now I want to help even more and I thought no better way then to give people great prices on printing and passing on 20% of the sale to help pets. 

Simple and effective, I will choose organizations or individual pets depending on needs.

Thanx much and look forward to doing business with you !

Rene Bruce

( Kia, Pancho, Hector, Flaka & Benito)