Print Step

We print  step and repeats. We ship them to you, we also offer to rent or sell you the frame it’s up to you no tools needed just zip ties!

We keep it simple, we have  been doing it for years we are based out of souther California and can ship UPS to the 48 states not including HI, Alaska!

What you get depends on what your needs are, most steps are 8’ tall and either 6’, 8’, or 10’ wide it’s up to you width wise, the standard for most events is 10’ wide but some smaller events do fine with 6’ or 8’ as it’s less to print a smaller area.

Keep in mind we can print up to 150’ long, so a 20’ step is easy for us to print, we just use 3 uprights and 4 crossbars.

Now we hem the edges and we run either grommets or pole pockets, it’s up to you. A pole pocket along the top and grommets on the side to the bottom corners gives a nice clean look.

Our base plates are slip fit and the top cross bar is just snap as well as the 3’ crossbar, all bars are alloy 1.5” diameter.

Turn time on the step is normally 5 days we can turn faster but rush fees do apply and it can get expensive so Plan Ahead!

We can lay it out for you if you want the cost is $85 an hour and it all depends on how many sponsors you have and what the art work is like as to how long it’s going to take, most of the time 1hr is enough if you give us correct artwork.

We print step and repeats on 13oz white vinyl we don’t charge more or less for colors, you get 16million to choose from use them or go with one color across the board it’s up to you. Lots of people mostly use white background with logos but feel free to use any color you want. We charge $5 per SqFt. Plus shipping to print.

We also can print on boards but that’s not as popular as it takes a lot of room since they are 4’x8’ and can only fit in larger vehicles. If you set up the step with our system of poles and bases with pole pockets the way we suggest your step will be plenty taunt and wrinkle free so the pictures won’t have reflections from the flash, as I have been shooting picts for over 38yrs.

Any Questions just email us at the below button!

Thanx much,

René Bruce