Rancho Cucamonga City Council Face

With Rancho Cucamonga in good fiscal shape contending candidates for city council are digging deep for an issue.


Candidates for Rancho Cucamonga City Council face off at James Brulte Senior Center

Rancho Cucamonga development has been built out and with a maturing city the issues for our city council have also matured. Once a city with high rates of growth subsidized by developer fees, redevelopment authority funds, and transfer funds the cost of a growing metro area were transparent. Today managing the operation of the city while maintaining the quality of life and appearance of our city requires lees rhetoric and more detail.

A simple and obvious measure of how valued the appearance of our city to our residents is the answer to this question.  When you bring visitors into the city from Ontario airport do you enter through  the heavily landscaped Haven Ave or the stark Archibald Ave.

Landscape District  maintenance rates are one of the few visible direct costs of managing the city. District votes against fee increases are generally have low turn out with the no vote most motivated. With the no vote the downgrading of the landscaping to meet the budget requirements will be required. This will be visible to all the residents and visitors of LMD 2 and is worthy of review before the claims of reduced property values and and outrage over lower standards for our city. The addition of a few green utility boxes in frontage easements caused such an uproar years earlier that the city council killed the Verizon FIOS overlay project.

Making more information available so the consequences of a Proposition 218 vote are well understood is responsible governance before major changes are made. The vote was for no increase, but the alternative may well been that the general fund would continue to make up the difference. Chuck Buquet addressed the problem of not dealing with these issues while city coffers are flush.

City Council meetings public comments sessions seem to be the source of many of the campaign strategies of the changeless.

City Council meetings public comments sessions seem to be the source of many of the campaign strategies of the changeless.

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