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iPhone Fever in Rancho Cucamonga Apple Store

September 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

Welcome Sales Tax windfall for Rancho Cucamonga with the sale of iPhones in Victoria Gardens Storefront


Those running for the Rancho Cucamonga City Council should have considered this an opportunity to meet potential voters.  While is seems that was a missed opportunity.  In the City Council race for endorsements Marc Steinorth has garnered the support of the Rancho Cucamonga City Council’s maverick Bill Alexander. The balance of the Cily Council members stand with incumbents Chuck Buquet  and Sam Spagnolo.

The endorsement tally by the candidates appears to pit the insiders against the outsiders. Where the newcomers to politics are railing at the wall with slogans of the usual hot buttons and little substance.  There is no question that those in office and the challengers are pro business given the reliance on sales tax revenue to fund services. However the long term burden of employee retirement benefits  is a tough issue to deal with for all the candidates.

On the one hand we have those interest groups funding and endorsing candidates who have had sympathy for their position and on the other those who want to press for immediate change.   The pension reform wave is well underway in every municipality with most of the burden falling on the new hires with small contributions from the current employees.

Arguments can be made who best can deal with the transformation of an overly generous pension system but the problem lies as always with the  voters. More and more services demanded with little interest in the long term cost of these  services.

The obligations are in place and short of bankruptcy we have little leverage in modifying them. You can pay attention to the details of our city budget and question the value of the services we are demanding in good times and bad.

In the meantime you can help by shopping in Rancho Cucamonga where your substantial sales tax will contribute to our balanced budget.  Now go out and buy a couple of iPhones at the Apple Store in Victoria Gardens.