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CitizenView is designed to be a forum where civil discourse may take place on issues of interest to the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga.

Guidelines for Civil Discourse Recognize a persons right to advocate that are different from your own. Democracy is a means of living together despite our differences. “Democratic deliberation is an alternative to physical violence. It is predicated on the assumption that its possible to disagree agreeably, that its better to laugh than cry, that one can vigorously contest the positions of ones adversary without questioning his or her personal integrity or motivation, and that parties to a debate are entitled to the presumption that their views are legitimate if not correct.” -Thomas Mann

Show respect for others. Discuss policies and not people Use helpful, not hurtful language. Please site authoritative sources when available. Any comments that violate these guidelines may be removed by the admin.


Yow would love to attend the city council meeting and let the council how you feel about our city operation. Maybe you wrote to the local newspaper and were ignored. You will not be ignored here. As long as your comments are civil discourse, you are in. See what others think of your opinion, you may change someone’s mind.

We ask for an email address and a name to go along with your posts. This helps keep out the spam we all hate. Your email address will not be used for any purpose other administration of this site. Your email will not be sold, given away or allowed to be taken for any other purpose.