City Council Rancho Cucamonga

Canadidates for City Council Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga is in better shape than most cities in California so offers little in the way of campaign attack issues. Complaints of inconsiderate reception of council public forum speakers, calls for addition signage, vague references to no new taxes and job promotion came from the challengers.  With little meat for the usual attack campaigns the incumbents look to be in good shape to retain their city council seats.

National issues are often introduced to local campaigns in the absence of hot button issues on the local scene. National debate over balanced budgets and immigration bear little resemblance to  Rancho Cucamongas auhority or its condition. Providing an environment where business that contribute to sales tax revenue may be the most important concern of the left side of our balance sheet. On the right side of our balance sheet is the long term liability of our public employees. The momentum behind reform of public pensions is enormous while being borne mostly by new hires.  Long term contracts with existing employee unions allow for some wiggle room and may achieve some relief.  The question is who is best equipped to negotiate with unions involved, those presently in office with the  institutional memory or the challengers. Read more here..............

RANCHO CUCAMONGA CITY COUNCIL NAME: Charles "Chuck" Buquet; email:

Occupation: Business owner/Councilmember Age: 60

Length of time lived in the district: 56 years

Married? Children?: Yes, 24 years to wife Suzanne and just celebrated 24th wedding anniversary, 1 grown son, Charlie

Education (colleges attended, degrees earned): Attended local schools, Chaffey College and UC Riverside

Run for or held elected office before and if so when and what office?: Councilman, Rancho Cucamonga, 14 years.

Appointed offices held as well as community organizations: Member, Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection Board, 8 years; Vice president, Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection Board, 2 years; Charter Member, Rancho Cucamonga Citizen's Advisory Commission, 4 years; Rancho Cucamonga Community Foundation, Chairman and Board Member, 11 years; Former president Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce, 7 years; former minority owner/board member, Quakes Baseball Team, 14 years; Former San Bernardino County Level I reserve deputy sheriff, 16 years; former commander, Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff's Reserve Unit, 5 years; Former Member, sheriff's swift-water rescue team, 8 years; former chairman/fundraiser, Inland Counties March of Dimes, 16 years; former coach and umpire, AYSO Soccer, Little League and ACE Girls Softball, 7 years.

In 100 words or less, please explain why you are running for this office: I have been quite busy working on your behalf following my return to our City Council. We have maintained public safety as our top priority for our families and businesses. Adopted balanced budgets these past two years, without use of reserves! Adopted comprehensive pension and benefits reform for all City labor groups. Restructured City operations and staffing to be efficient and cost-effective, while improving customer service. Challenging economic times dictate the need to elect Councilmembers having proven experience and ability to properly manage our City's finances. This is essential for Rancho Cucamonga's long-term economic vitality and ensuring the highest possible quality of life for Rancho Cucamonga.