Offering Pond Maintenance

We are now offering Pond Maintenance, Service, and Repair! Services Include:

  • Planned Maintenance Visits Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly which consist of cleaning filters, leaf traps, trimming back of dead/overgrown plants, water treatment
  • Emergency Service Calls
  • Cleanouts
  • Pump, Filter, UV Light Set-up and Replacement
  • Fish Treatment

Who Are We?

Pond Guardian is a Maintenance, Service, and Repair company that specializes in ponds. We build ponds from scratch, and we install water gardens into your existing ponds. We also offer specific, but unique landscaping services such as installing native plants, organic vegetable and container gardens. We have a master gardner on staff that oversees your project and provides you with everything you need, and need to know in order to make your garden simply, breathtaking.


Why Choose Us?


There are a lot of companies out there who clean and perform maintenance on ponds. The problem is, that most of these companies don't specialize in ponds. They do this as a side job or they're a pool company and frankly, that isn't good enough for you. That's why we're here, to provide you with the outstanding service, with the intense knowledge of getting your pond where it needs to be. Pond Guardian works with ANY system you may have. In the very rare case that we have not seen your system before, we WILL figure it out and operate from there. We'll never tell you that we can't work with you because of the type of system you have and try and force you to change. We'll always make suggestions and recommendations that could help, such as upgrading your system or cleaning out your pond, but as long as these things aren't doing any damage to your pond or system, we'll work with it as is, if that's what you would like us to do. For our maintenance, we'll never require you to have a package to start with us. We'll do everything we can to solve your issues.



There are plants that need a lot of water and plants that are drought tolerant. These plants shouldn't be next to each other, yet in most cases or amateur gardening, they are. The fact is, a lot of people could look in their backyard and see this problem. Your sprinklers may be running and hitting a lot of drought tolerant plants, while leaving the plants that are starving for water. This leaves your backyard in shambles and disarray. This is where we are here to help. Our certified Master Gardner will help get your garden back in shape. Whether it's to add new plants and you're not sure where to put them, or the plants you have currently just aren't thriving, let us come take a look, and do some simple rearranging and put each plant in their optimal place so that we can have you enjoying your plants the way you envisioned.