Name NeverBeenSearched

Here is a little tongue in cheek story regarding ranking for terms that have nothing to do with your product or service.

NeverWillSearch and NeverBeenSearched are running a land office business filling the Google index with pages that rank on the first page in search results.  When NeverWillSearch came to NeverBeenSearched with the it sounded great, everyone would be impressed with results they could achieve in the mysterious world of search engine rankings. 

We will make a product out of this program and sell the secret to everyone who visits our web site.  The product was named after the founders as products often are.  The name of the new company that would sell their great invention would also be named after the founders, NeverBeenSearched and NeverWillSearch.  There were a few problem like fighting over who's name should come first in the name NeverBeenSearched and NeverWillSearch, or NeverWillSearch and NeverBeenSearched.  Once they settled on the name, they build their web site and waited for the money to roll in. 

Months passed and no one came to their site, what went wrong this was a great>

NeverWill came to NeverBeen as they came to call each other and suggested that no came to their site because the search engines were unfair, they should have recognized the value of their product and told everyone about them. Foolish had the solution; they would launch a PPC (pay per click) campaign.  The terms NeverWillSearch, and NeverBeenSearched were really cheap, no one had bid on either of them.  This would surely get them some traffic and once the visitors found their wonderful website the orders would pour in. 

Needless to say these two do not learn very fast, in fact they keep using the strategy they came up with to promote the product. Still failing they contacted a few Search Marketing firms that had sent them some really good spam.  NeverBeenSearched and NeverWillSearch were very disappointed to find that so many firms selling their service had copied their>

Not to worry our heroes are doing just fine selling gas saving devices for autos, to all the spammers who copied their product.