Braided Bitless Bridles Made

Jusabitless bridleware from Goldfinch is a range of hand knotted & braided bitless bridles made in the UK. They are made using the best quality diamond braid rope imported from the USA.

There are two options; a full bitless bridle that can also be used with a bit if needed or just the bitless section which can be used with your current bridle.

At the moment there is a choice of the Indian Bosal and the Sidepull. The Indian Bosal works on apply ing pressure around the nose/lower jaw. The sections cross under the jaw and exit out through rings which then attach to your reins. The Justabitless Indian Bosal features a specially cushioned noseband that aids release - a major necessity in this type of bitless bridle.

The Sidepull is possibly the gentlest bitless option as it is a simple noseband style with rings attached for reins. It works with just pressure on the nose and as with all bitless, the degree of pressure applied is down to the rider.

There are currently 9 colour choices including black & brown which can be co-ordinated.

Prices start at £12.95