Records Retrieval



Civil Records of Births, Marriages and Deaths

In order to qualify for Irish Citizenship by Descent you will need to provide the Irish authorities with a certified, official birth record of your Irish born Grandparent / Parent. We can search for and provide these records of your ancestors. We can also search for and provide other official records for marriage and death for you or your ancestors that you may need for legal purposes. Find out more about qualifying for citizenship through your Irish ancestors here.

Certificate Search and Certified Record Charges

If you know, to within five years, the birth, marriage or death date of your ancestors, a search for this record and retrieval of fully certified copies of the record will cost as below:

€150, US$220, Stg£135, CAN$240, AUS$270

These charges include cost of research and official copies of the certificates.

To obtain the Civil Records of your Irish born ancestors contact us at info@bradanresearch