Love Olive Oil

I have a great tip for you guys.

Add a drop of Olive Oil to your regular moisturizer before applying. You can do this with face, body and hand moisturizers. I used this last night on my hands.... and this morning they are much better. As you know, I love Olive Oil for facial moisture too. Try adding a drop or two to your hands, then the moisturizer, rub to blend the two and then apply to your face. You will notice a big difference in just one night.

Another good use of Olive Oil is for an intense moisture treatment. Apply Olive Oil to cleansed skin and let sit for as long as you can, then remove with a moist warm cloth and rub the remaining oil into your skin. This is particularly helpful for dry lips. I probably use more Olive Oil in my bathroom than I do in my kitchen. Try it and let me know what you think.