Good Skin Care Lines


Did you guys know that your body goes into super healing mode when you are asleep? Yep, it does. Why is this important to skin care you ask? Because this is the absolute best time to take advantage of your bodies ability to heal all the damage done during the day. Just one single day of exposure to pollution, pesticides in our foods, smoking or exposure to second hand smoke. Not to mention the bacteria caused by touching our faces after touching surfaces other's have contaminated with all they have been exposed to during their day. Just think of all the germs lurking on that grocery store cart you touched and then rubbed your face or your eyes before washing. Did you know the average person touches their face over 16 times an hour? That's about 256 times in our 16 waking hours each day. eeww....wash that stuff off and let your skin drink in the nutrients you apply at night before slumber. I'm not trying to gross you out, okay maybe I am. I want to make the point clear that if you are not cleansing your face before bed then you are going to sleep with every germ you came into contact with during the day. Our bodies are wired to know just where to go to work. When we are sick our bodied make us tired so we will rest. When we have an infection our bodies fight it off with fever. When we sleep our bodies heal from the damage of our daily lives. If you go to bed with a cleansed face, with topically applied treatments your skin will drink it up, it's like getting a facial every night. Your body will draw in the moisture, the antioxidants, the vitamins, and all the rest of the goodness in the treatments you apply at night twice as much as during the day. This is why most good skin care lines have treatments that are designed to be applied at night. You will get the most benefit and wake up more beautiful and rested than you would otherwise. Here's a fun fact that keeps me in line......your skin ages 7 times faster if you do not cleanse before sleep. Nuf said.