Exposure Compromises Skin Immune System

Good Morning you guys! Well with summer just around the corner I thought it was time for a reminder about how you spend your time in the sun this summer.

As we age, skin doesn't repair itself as well as it once did. With a lifetime of sun exposure, this can have an effect on both our beauty and health. Here are some pretty good reasons to use sunscreen religiously and avoid extended sun exposure whenever possible.THE SUN DRAINS MOISTURE FROM OUR SKIN

When the epidermis is damaged by the sun, its barrier function is impaired and it doesn't retain moisture as well.

The skin's outer layers become less able to repair, and accumulated damage becomes visible in leathery looking skin. EEEWWW, nobody want that, right?

UV rays cause collagen and elastin fibers to unravel, preventing skin from bouncing back, causing wrinkles.

UV rays stimulate the pigment-producing cells in the skin to go into overdrive, resulting in more discoloration and spots.

UV exposure causes DNA mutations that can result in skin cancer.

Research suggests just one day of unprotected sun exposure compromises skin's immune system. Although you can't see all of this damage with the naked eye, some of it is obvious. Simply compare the sun-exposed skin on your body with areas that are usually covered. You'll see the difference in color and texture yourself.

So be smart you guys, use sunscreen and don't bake in the sun. It's your skin's number one enemy. It isn't important only for those of us who are aging, but also for the youngsters. The damage starts young. The wrinkles and discoloration you see didn't happen over night.

Use a sunscreen which protects against both UVA and UVB rays to get the best protection.

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