Pioneer Grand Format Printing

PrintB3 personnel helped to pioneer grand-format printing.

We can create ultra-wide, grand-format digital graphics measuring
up to 300’ x 150’, including building wraps, backdrops and solid
wall displays—our machines print rolls up to 16.4’ wide, and we
do all the sectional welding and sewing assembly on-site.
Our Vutek 5300 Grand Format
Solvent Printer can print at
up to 300 d.p.i. on rolls up
to 16.4’ wide. On-site
welding and sewing permit
much larger final products.
The Amazing World of
Grand Format Printing .
Where all the Solutions
Really are Scalable.
Our Vutek 5300 Grand Format
Solvent Printer can print at
up to 300 d.p.i. on rolls up
to 16.4’ wide. On-site
welding and sewing permit
much larger final products.
Printed Banners on your choice of durable, high-tech banner
materials from our wide selection, measuring up to 16” in>Fleet Graphics such as vehicle wraps for buses, trucks, trains,
automobiles, carts and boats.
The combination of
crisp detail and massive
scale can help your images
make a lasting impression
on people from a long
way off. Even 16-foot-wide
sections can support
resolutions up to 720 d.p.i.,
so building-sized images can
be produced with
dazzling accuracy and
sharpness, even when
viewed from just
inches away.
We have two NUR wide-format
bi-directional UV printers:
the Expedio™ 5000 can print
rolls up to 16 feet wide, with
resolutions up to 720 d.p.i.
and at speeds up to 1,600
square ft/hr. The Fresco™ III
3200 creates images up to 10
feet wide, with resolutions up
to 320 d.p.i.
Even Huge Images
Can Look
Remarkably Sharp,
Up Close.
Our NUR Tempo™ Q wide-format
flatbed UV printer has the largest table
in the industry. It prints on almost
any rigid substrate up to 10’ x 6’ with
resolutions up to 1270 d.p.i.
In addition to grand-format printing,
B3DigiGrafx also offers a full range
of print-direct services.
We can print and finish
dimensionally massive and
visually sharp digital graphic projects
with quick turnarounds. In addition
to grand-format printing, we offer:
A Well-Rounded Portfolio
of Output Capabilities.
Free-Standing Art including POS displays and museum,
event or trade show signage, on styrene,
foam, cardstock or virtually any rigid substrate.
Specialty Graphics on substrate up to 2” thick and
on a wide range of surfaces, including glass,
acrylic, composite, foam, and magnetic sheet.
Fabric Printing on Deko-Tex, 600 DN Polyester, 300 DN Polyester,
Jet-Flag LBC, Polyester Taffeta, Poplin, Trilobal Poly Satin,
Gaming Suede, Flag/Banner Polyester, and Polyester Dazzle
Artistri™ is a fully integrated,
digital printing system for
printing up to 720 d.p.i. on
all types of fabrics.
DuPont Artistri 2020
The machinery
to make the
vision a reality.
Cutting-edge technology has helped
make B3DigiGrafx the industry leader in
digital graphic printing. In our pioneering
work with grand-format roll-to-roll and
flatbed printing, we have stayed at
the forefront of printing technology as
dimensions and resolutions have grown.
We update our equipment all the time
and operate all the machines on-site.
As resellers of a broad range of substrates,
we always have materials on hand, as well
as the expertise to select the right one
and use it to good advantage.
NUR Fresco™ III
3200 Wide Format
UV Printer
NUR Expedio™ 5000
Wide Format
UV Printer
NUR Tempo™ Q
Wide Format
Flatbed UV Printer
Artistri 2020
Roland EX-545
Grand-Format Printer
Miller Weldmaster
CS-112 Cross Seamer
M Series Router
Pro Series
Ultra–wide output
up to 16.4’
Up to 10’
wide output
Up to 16’
wide output
10’ x 6’ output/
Up to 1 3/4” thick
58” Standard
Printable Materials/
71” Special Order
Printable>52” Printable>50” With Coutour
Cut Printable>35’
Up to 60”x120”
table routing size
59 1/2” lamination
>Up to 1 1/2” thick
300 DPI
370 DPI
720 DPI
1270 DPI
720 DPI
1440 DPI
B3DigiGrafx has
the equipment to handle
just about any
digital printing project.
take a look inside
and see how we may
be able to help you.
B3DigiGrafx has served the
banner business for more
than a quarter century.
Whether you’re looking for
blank banners or large-scale,
high-profile graphics output,
B3DigiGrafx will address
your needs with hard-won
expertise and a deep
commitment to quality,
applying 25 years of
experience to specifying
and applying the right
materials for your application.
Our Business Grew
from a Deep Knowledge
of our Materials.
Blank Banner
We sell a wide variety of blank banner stock,
including Tuff-Weave, 200- and 400 Denier nylon,
Majestic nylon and pre-coated canvas. We can
provide you with custom stock sizes and formats
that are suited to your application.
Solvent-Based Ink Jet Banner Media
We offer a range of high-quality solvent-based
inkjet-process banner media, which produce
excellent quality prints, as proven in our own
thorough testing.
MACtac Vinyl
We offer two lines of high-quality MACtac®
marking films. Both of these pressure-sensitive
vinyl substrates conform and adhere remarkably
well to difficult surfaces, and can withstand
high temperatures.
Specialty Products
We also carry Enam-L-Koat lettering enamel, Tuff
Tape II double-sided banner tape and grommets
and washers—everything required to complete the
successful installation of your desired application.
Clients tend
to share
our passion.
B3DigiGrafx clients include
leading television and movie
studios, advertising agencies, trade
show exhibitors, museums and
large retailers. Our clients share our
passion for pushing graphic
boundaries, and our expertise
with cutting-edge technology helps
them get their message out in
bigger and bolder digital graphics,
and in more places than ever before.