New Window Graphics Applications

Window Graphics

New products for use as window graphics are now offered by PrintB3. Extensive testing of a new transparent or frosted film designed for easy installation is complete. The film features an adhesive which is repositionable by the installer. These window graphics may be installed by store personal without depending on a professional installer. Air bubbles are released through channels in the adhesive in the window film. This eliminates the need for special skills or tools to apply these window graphics.

Key Factors in new window graphics applications:

Overcome limitations on signage on the outside of a building

Restrict or allow see through—enabling privacy or visibility

Clear films vs. expensive perforated film for see through

White inks for spot color on transparent films

New gas flow film simplifies installation

Self install for chain store campaigns

Removable films do not leave a residue

Often window graphics were applied to the outside of the storefront windows using white vinyl substrates either perforated or solid. When see through from inside was desirable the perforated films were used. Window graphics applied to outside surfaces have several undesirable features. The city or town may have severe restrictions of outside signage limiting the size and duration of the display. This may mean little return for an expensive installation. The durability and exposure to damage is also a concern.

Inside application of your window graphics can eliminate the signage restriction placed on the same display outdoors.  The window graphic is not subject to the same wear and tear as an outdoor display. Installation of the window graphics can be done without interfering without interfering with site traffic, and in an environment more amenable to both the product applied and the installer.

Contact a PrintB3 specialist for a consultation on your next window graphics display. The addition of white ink capability in the PrintB3 print process adds a new dimension to the variety of window graphic possibilities. Ask about our 3M™ IJ40C and IJ61 or MacTac Dusted Window Film.

Pole Banners

Cities and towns impose ever tighter restrictions on outdoor signage, but give Pole Banners a pass.There are few examples for more effective event promotion than Street Pole Banners. Cities and towns have an affinity for banners mounted on street light poles along main streets, shopping centers, and fairgrounds Train and Bus platforms, and just about any place where you have permanent light poles.Why is the street pole banner so revered by the same municipalities that seem to further restrict many other forms of outdoor advertisement? The answer may lie in the vested interest they have in what is promoted by the banners, and the ability to easily regulate the presentation of the pole banners.  Standards are established well in advance of any program, and frankly the citizens of these communities like the pole banner programs.

With placement of the pole banners on main thoroughfares, and other high traffic areas, pole banners remain one of the most effective event and holiday promotions.  Chambers of commerce, shopping centers, veterans groups have all used this media to successfully promote their interests.  When you consider the exposure both in numbers of views per banner, and the wide areas covered, pole banners are very economical.Construction Fence Screens

Digitally Printed Fence Screens are Attractive and Effective in Promotion on a Grand Scale.Cities and towns impose ever tighter restrictions on outdoor signage, but take Pride in promoting their development projects.Digitally printed fence screens are effective in promotion on a grand scale. While considered temporary they often are visible for the duration of the construction project promoting the project under construction. Graphics added to a construction site fence screen makes the site attractive while providing dust control and security.

Mesh Fence Screen Material Mesh banner material has three important features. Mesh is light weight compared to filled materials of the same tinsel strength. Mesh banners present significantly lower wind resistance in outdoor applications. The irregular surface reduces glare form sun light or high intensity lighting in outdoor applications. These features make it an print material for a number of applications including construction fence screens, and barriers.

Common rigid construction walls are enhanced with the overlay of printed banners, with logos, step and repeat images or a graphic depicting the finished project. Development agencies/property management companies are delighted to promote their involvement in the project by displays of the funding sources, with accompanying stories of projects impact. MDO or plywood construction barriers may be directly printed on sheets as large as 5 feet x 10 feet, where the painted surfaces are prepared properly.

Window Graphics:

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Pole Banners: