Introduces New Ink System

Tips for saving money on your large format print projects.


B3 introduces new ink system for large format printing, with significant savings offered to customers.


In an effort to offer more economical print pricing to its many customers, B3DigiGrafx has added a new Vutek 16’ print system along with Fuji Sericol solvent inks.  The combination will make available to its customers significant savings, over its standard pricing. 


Ink systems are designed for different applications and materials. Long term outdoor applications required for 5 year service or more may require our warranted 3M ink system. Less demanding applications can take advantage of our lower cost Fuji Sericol ink system, warranted for 3years. Both ink systems produce brilliant high resolution images on a variety of materials and finishes.  Adhesive materials for vehicle wraps, vinyl banners, and wall coverings are now produced on this system.


Adding a sophisticated print and ink system to our operation is no easy proposition.  Each printer is “tuned” up for the ink system to be used, and once up and running its not something easily changed. The lengthy proposition of building color profiles for each material to be printed is necessary before any customer prints are run.  This dictates having multiple printers in operation when offering different inks.


Our new ink system is environmentally friendly. It does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals as de­scribed at the Montreal Convention. Series 200 NH Inks are formulated free from aromatic hydrocarbons known to have an adverse effect on the environment. 


Consult with your B3 customer service representative and see how much we can save you on your next project. 


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