Critical Tradeshow Event

Tradeshow Graphics were produced on time for a critical Tradeshow event.  More than 200 Dibond panels were printed on the PrintB3 OCE 550 XT flatbed printer.  These panels were then fabricated to exacting specifications  provided by TPI. Tradeshow  graphics on a grand scale is a demanding process, where schedules must be met without a hiccup. PrintB3 is a proven partner for you Tradeshow project however large or small. Elizabeth and TPI are a great fit together. 

Here is the complete text of  Testimonial TPI DiBond UV flatbed printing of a large scale partnership with  Elizabeth O’Keefe Director, Creative Services Technical Productions, Inc.

PrintB3 8759 Lion Street Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730  It is a rare and unexpected pleasure to run into a company like yours, and I am grateful for the good fortune that your Oce rep led me to you. Having lost faith in my graphics provider and with my clients making broad-stroke changes in the eleventh hour, what I needed was a company I could trust to carry out my very large project with a kind of flawless execution that I would manage myself if I had the time. Sadly,  I did not. Yet, I needed to make a decision immediately. Looking at potential vendors in my proposal process, I had to trust a relationship I had built sight unseen, over the telephone and internet alone. Adrian nad Kenny had done such a thorough job of putting my numbers, I took a leap of faith that your crew at B3 were the right people for the job.   Was I ever right about that. Thorough as my right arm, you all never missed a beat. Coordinating a production as large as the one we just put together is a complicated feat. It requires several teams of people working together simultaneously to produce an end product that will roll out, live in front of the client…in this case, about 50,000 people. There is no margin for error for me, and that is exactly what I got. Not one single error, just like I would have produced it.   I cannot say that about many peopler, It is a rare and wonderful thing to have assembled such a terrific crew. You all stayed up with me on our double shift to make sure the files were prepared with my blessing and then you carried out a multi-shift project over many, many weeks to meet our deadline.   Your proposal process, your pre-press crew, your printing crew, your multi-shift Coordination, your packaging and office staff are top notch and I stand firmly in this chair ready to recommend your services to anyone on the fence about any printing needs they might have in their future. I will happily recommend you a thousand times over. You absolutely delivered, both the service and the product that was expected, exactly in the manner that was promised by  your people. I cannot say that about many people, but I feel compelled to say this to you, today and I hope you take it to heart that your hard work matters and it is appreciated out there in the marketplace.   Please take the time to personally thank each and every member of your crew, and make sure that they receive a copy of this letter. You all took time away from your families to make this happen for us and we appreciate it. In my business, it is critical that I have the right teams of people in place to manage certain portions of a project with the kind of excellence I demand of myself when delivering to a client. That is not an easy feat. People like us are very to find, and I am grateful I do not need to ever look for another printer!   With most sincere thanks for an outstanding job done for TPI,     Elizabeth O’Keefe Director, Creative Services Technical Productions, Inc. Tradeshow production and Tradeshow design services.