Best Buy Banner Company



has evolved



This letter is to announce the change in name of our company from Best Buy Banner Company to B3DigiGrafx. Over the years Best Buy Banner has developed a reputation in the market place for:

(a) The highest quality

(b) Courteous and informative service

(c) Fast turnarounds

(d) Fair pricing

You can rest assured that these basic principles will be adhered to as we grow. Our company has grown over a period of years and today we are the foremost well-rounded Digital Printer in the country with an array of “cutting edge” technological equipment. Our ability to print on roll to roll, hard substrates and exotic fabric, we’re geared to service all our customers digital print requirements.

B3DigiGrafx as always will retain its individual relations with both vendors and customers. Our dependability and reliability will remain paramount in our relationships.

Welcome to the world of B3DigiGrafx.