Sponsors Like Brands Kraft Foods

Brand Diluting

During the annual posh event of Fashion Week in New York , an issue of brand diluting came up.  The usual sponsors were there with products being used such as MAC and Tresemme.  But this year the event coordinators let more unconventional sponsors in.  Sponsors like brands Kraft Foods and Proctor & Gamble were present with products not truly representing posh or high fashion.   

Brands Tide detergent and OralB toothbrushes were alongside Kraft’s brand Lu Biscuits.  The overall feel of the event is usually exclusive with appropriate brands that have a synergy with fashion and high style.  This year some were surprised to see the odd assortment of sponsors, and it is reported that the coordinators are reviewing the event to see if the “Fashion Week” brand was diluted with their approach. 

Fashion Week is a very exclusive brand that perhaps requires sponsors earning their way in for ad space.  Of course if we aren’t Fashion Week, we might not have the luxury to choose our sponsors accordingly.


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