Really Want Search Engine Optimization


Our biggest take away? Write for people first and search engines second. When reviewing your site, look at the items below and see how your text compares.


De-corporatize your web copy. It's boring. It's not easily indexed. And, worse yet, it's ineffective. Write your content in a conversational, clear style.

Bullets, Bullets, Bullets and SHORT paragraphs. Look at every page of your site and ask yourself, would I read this?

Keep your pages short...but not too short. make sure each page has over 200 words (especially your home page), but under 450!


You want search engine optimization? Keyword Frequency. Use your key phrase in some variation at least three times in page content.

You want search engine optimization? Keyword Density. Keep your keyword density between 3-8% to be engine friendly. Density = the total count of words/the number of times your keyword is used.

Do you really want search engine optimization? Keyword Prominence. Make sure your keywords show up in your headers and/or subheads.

Are you sure you want search engine optimization? Keyword Formatting. You benefit from bolding, italicizing, and/or linking from your keyword phrases.

Content Breadth. Make sure you are hitting all of the content channels available to you (articles, blogs, video/podcast, case studies, and press releases). Then be sure you are using social media sites (i.e. LinkedIn, etc.), wire services (i.e. PRWeb, Businesswire, PR Newswire, etc.), and article sites (i.e., etc.).

These are the best ways to accomplish search engine optimization.