Improved Marketing Mix

Consulting: Four Steps to Success

By Perry Design & Advertising - Inland Empire

1. Initial meeting with general manager or marketing manager to build your brand. We will discuss general needs and concerns, tour and learn more about your business, and gather and review: marketing materials, advertising and marketing planning, web design/search engine optimization, industry competition, marketing budget and company's positioning statement.

2. Second meeting with management to brainstorm and discuss what we feel are necessary adjustments and improvements to current efforts. We offer suggestions and objectives based on findings and needs, such as: effectiveness of an improved marketing mix, strategy and materials, innovative and strong creative copy and visuals (logo, colors, fonts, imagery and design style) that balance accurately with your strategic intentions. We will address advertising budget and benefits of being consistent with your brand positioning - how this applies throughout the organization, as everyone must work together as ambassadors for the brand.

3. A written report to summarize the results is produced from our meetings and our review of materials that will suggest key points and direction for needed changes, modifications to marketing plan, and highlight strengths and weaknesses.

4. Final meeting with management to discuss report, suggestions and possible implementation.