Google Analytics Account

Being found on the web means business

Did you know most businesses don't have their website optimized? This means potential clients may not find you by using common search words for your industry. 

You’ve been there, clicking around looking for a carpet cleaner in Ontario or a bakery in Upland – sometimes unless you know a specific name, you cannot get what you are seeking.  We get it!


Get your website noticed!


With our partners, Think Tank Designs , you can ensure that your web site is easily found and navigated by your visitors.

Our Advertising Agency offers: 

·     Setup and creation of Google Analytics Account  

·     Tagging your web pages with analytics tracking 

·     Favicon and XML site map creation & customization 

·     Set-up Google Webmaster Tools for account overview 

·     Submit site to Google and other major search engines·    

•  Monitor analytics and suggest changes

·     A/B testing to optimize your site's ability to capture and convert traffic

·     Keyword Research

·     Correct error log issues

·     Create traffic filters & block IP addresses as needed

·     Access to your Analytics via an emailed link

·     Submission to Online Directories found during keyword research·    

•  Create Banner Ads for directory submissions

·     Setup and maintain Google Adwords Pay per click advertising


Analytcs is Key.  Remember that.  Don't take the analytics for granted.


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