Effective Creative Brief Gives

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When it’s time design a new piece of marketing material for your company, product or service, or campaign, and you don’t have a creative agency to turn to for help, use these creative brief tips to define the process for both you and your designer that will keep you focused and on target.

Taking time to develop a well-outlined creative brief will save you a lot of time up front. It is the most effective way to get your company and the designer started with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. An effective creative brief gives the designer direction and provides your team with established benchmarks to measure concepts against. Look for your brief to:  

  • clear objectives 
  • Set priorities on project phases 
  • Connect objectives to your company positioning 
  • Note how you will measure and reach goals
  • Define and characterize your target audience  
  • Outline time frames with specific details on scope and schedule  
  • Give the designer access to what he/she needs for creating the project, i.e. software, graphics, photos, copy 
  • Establish budgets Explain the review, decision and approval process
  • Determine any procedural requirements that might hold up the project
  • Contact us with questions on how to build a successful creative brief.


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