Effective Advertising

Creating an Effective Marketing Plan (part 1 in a series)

How well your advertisements and promotions draw customers will determine how effective your marketing strategy is. You first need to your target market; who are your potential consumers? The aim of an advertising and promotional strategy is to; create awareness of your product, to awaken customers' needs and expectations to the point of consumption, and then create a loyal stream of satisfied customers who continue to purchase your product and spread the word of their positive experience.

Effective Advertising and Promotions Techniques

A first stepin developing an effective advertising and promotional strategy is to understand the difference between two concepts; Advertising and Promotions. Most people think that advertising and promotions are one in the same; there is, however, a distinction between the two.

While advertising is a way of keeping your business in the public's eye, promotions are a way of signaling that you are concerned and committed to the welfare of the community and its residents. This commitment may be one of the most effective techniques for building customer loyalty. People tend to be more supportive of businesses and organizations that give something to the community rather than those that just take, never giving anything in return. This should come from the heart, and not just for promotion sake. Find a cause that you have a bond with in some way and start giving through your business. You know the saying - You will find that in giving, you will get plenty in return.

While both advertising and promotions use different media formats - print, web, radio, and television - as a way of conveying a message, promotion encompasses much more. For example, this could mean sponsoring a youth organization, inviting non-profit organizations to use your facility, such as allowing the high school drama club use your parking lot for a car wash fundraiser, sending an underprivileged child to day camp, or involvement in any type of positive community activity that will bring attention to your business.


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