Deliver Integrated Advertising Services


Is it Time to Think Strategic Partnerships?

 By Angelique Strahan

We thank our clients for continuing to work with us!   We believe in forming respected, long-lasting partnerships with clients. A very important part of our philosophy is being “hands-on” and involved with the client’s business, marketing and advertising strategy. We strive to understand the Inland Empire industry, market, competition and regulations of our clients, the group’s perceptions and goals, and then we recommend objectives strategies to help reach those goals. Part of this strategy includes how we have formed strategic partnerships with other advertising/marketing experts.

To offer fully integrated marketing services to our Inland Empire clients in a “one-stop environment” is of great value. We think clients appreciate having a single agency deliver a variety of services, as many times clients come to us with problems and frustrations after trying to buy à la carte—advertising from one firm, public relations from another, design created by a friend, bartering gone bad, etc. We try to educate clients that this approach is sometimes not in the best interest of their brand. Financial considerations sometimes take precedence, but ultimately the à la carte strategy turns into more expense.

We deliver integrated advertising services to clients while being cost-effective, competitive and service-oriented. Think of us as a director, coordinating each project and an advertising campaign as a whole.  


At Perry Design & Advertising, we are an Inland Empire based boutique full-service advertising agency that employs a well-rounded team of creative and strategists, but also has a strong and respected network of talent at our fingertips throughout the Inland Empire. Our outside network helps complete our team’s efforts for clients’ advertising/marketing goals. 


If you are thinking of using strategic partnerships in your business, look at all the options on how to enhance each others service or product. It’s good to have options if a strategic partnership with outside players is the way to go. In uncertain times we all need to adapt and think a bit “outside the box.”