Creative Public Relations Campaign

Publicity Planning

Simple for Creating an Effective Publicity Plan


We love what a solid and creative public relations campaign can do for our clients. When developing a publicity and media plan, it’s important to determine and outline your main objective in launching such a campaign. You should have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.


You’ll need to define your goals, and that they are specific, measurable, results-oriented and timely in the market. These goals should be in keeping with your business mission statement, marketing and sales objectives.  


Determine who your target audience is for your public relations campaign and what the key message is you want them to retain and act upon. Once you have that finished, draft a detailed schedule for your public relations campaign and time it with other marketing and advertising efforts to maximize exposure. Make sure to utilize several key vehicles to get your message out, such as our favorites: Article pitches, Press Releases, Letters to the Editor, Press Conferences, Interview Requests, Media Tours, Radio, Television, or Press Interviews, Invitation to Seminars or Speaking Engagements and Sponsorship opportunities.   


Simple, yet effective public relations strategies can help you:

  • Build and generate compassion among your customer, vendor, or your community through outreach, pro-bono projects and sponsorships.
  • Reinvent or reinforce your brand and professional corporate image.
  • Enhance professional perceptions regarding your company and the services it offers.
  • Increase sales, leads and general knowledge of your business.
  • Help introduce a new service or product to your target market.
  • As with all good efforts, track the results of your Public Relations Campaign and review the results after it is complete. Be prepared to modify the plan if the defined goal and objectives were not successful. Keep an open mind and keep an eye on industry trends.


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