Brand Say


What Does Your Brand Say?

 by Janine Perry, Creative Director at Perry Design & Advertising - Inland Empire


In today’s economic conditions, it’s more important than ever to hear what you brand is saying to your customer. Your brand is a unique and symbol, association or name that should distinguish itself from other products or services.


A brand should serve as both a physical and emotional touch-point to establish a relationship between your consumers and the product or service offered. Brand attributes and associations can be positive or negative, functional or emotional, and can vary in importance and relevance to different customer markets.


Your Brand essence is the main characteristic that defines a brand. With this in mind, take a look at some thought-provoking questions to re-visit what your brand is or isn’t saying… 


  • What does your brand promise and deliver to your customer?  
  • What does your brand do or provide to your customer?  
  • What key qualities do customers associate with your brand? 
  • What image does your brand have in the minds of costumers?  
  • What characteristics are associated with your brand?  
  • How is brand loyalty among your customers?


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