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Social Sites for Marketing?


If you have ever thought about marketing and advertising through MySpace or FaceBook, then listen up!  There are a lot more advertising options out there. Just like any marketing, find out where your target audience is, and get out there!  Following is a short description of what is hot right now in social sites. 

  • LinkedIn ( Most popular site for business professional networking. But, more than linking with your professional network, LinkedIn can be used to promote your business to a wide audience. LinkedIn does have an advertising opportunity, but it is still not quite right, as it is set up to become too expensive per impression. The best use of LinkedIn is to participate in the Q&A section and its many "Groups,"  where you can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your answering questions, participating in discussions, and submitting articles you've written to group members.
  •  Facebook ( Used primarily for personal networking, where friends and family stay connected. Some do use Facebook to network for business, but it is questionably of value through this tool. Where businesses are finding value in Facebook is in the advertising opportunity. You pay "per click" and you have amazing targeting power with Facebook. 
  •  Twitter ( A simple concept of sending short (VERY SHORT) messages out to those who follow you. Twitter started as a personal way of telling your personal network "what you are doing" at any given moment. It has also been used by bloggers and content site owners in the same way RSS is used--to quickly blast out the most current news and articles available. It helps with SEO too!
  •  Flickr ( Primarily a tool for managing graphics and photos for your own internal organization, Flickr is proving to be a tool with external benefits as well.  If you share photos on this site, it will help manage them without using your internal network. 
  •  YouTube ( With today's easy-to-access video production tools and WebCam availability, this is an option more and more marketers and advertisers can really use. Companies can use YouTube to publish training videos, product demos, and promotions very easily. Search engines love this site.
  •  Blogs: Only a part of the social networking/media conversation because of their ability to allow readers to "comment" and "share" on the content they read. You can publish your expertise on blogs and it may be picked up by search engines.  Start your own blog or comment on some existing with topics in your field. 

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