Advertising Client Terra

Win Win Solutions

Locally, Perry Design & Advertising client Terra Vista Town Center in Rancho Cucamonga decided to invest in new LED lighting for their holiday décor. The initial investment seemed expensive at first, but when the cost was compared with replacing 1,000 incandescent bulbs annually, coupled with the energy use of the old bulbs each year, it was a no-brainer! The new lights are "green friendly" and use 2% of the energy of the old lights. The timing of this decision was great as the global warming movement reached the tipping point in 2007. A press release was published in the local media about the green friendly decision and the center lit up with a good message - holiday wishes for a greener tomorrow.

Internationally, IKEA had recently conducted an advertising campaign on their direct mail pieces and email advertising that every toy purchased in their store is strictly tested for safety. This is a big issue in 2007 with Chinese made toys found to have lead in them, among other safety hazards. IKEA doesn't stop at stating they are committed to the safety of their toys, they list all the safety standards they follow, listed by country and law number. Then they follow that up with a paragraph describing characteristics of a safe toy. Smart business, smart marketing, great advertising.


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