Do Your Really Need That? 

It's back to the basices in marketing and advertising!


Slash overhead, conserve energy and hold on to your hats!  It’s 1930’s mentality in advertising all over again.  Back to basics is the message and showing your product and service as one of those precious basics is the key.


Companies peddling their products using comic relief as well are enjoying the new challenge as an opportunity for creativity.  Two men stand in line at the grocery store, deciding to forego buying toilet tissue for Bud Light.   Snuggies, the sleeved backward blanket thingy, made its corny debut and has seized on its newfound comic popularity - and practicality in keeping heating costs down.  And feeding your family for just $4.99 per person seems to be the new price point.  Target and JC Penny ads still have their clever designer stuff dancing to iTunes, but the message is definitely “lower prices for better stuff”.


Luxury goods may suffer, unless they can truly market as a need or special occasion deal.  Mercedes is advertising a smaller more economical model, but it’s still going to be twice the price of a Toyota or a Ford.  We consumers are extra careful with our hard earned cash these days, and we’ll do a bit of research before being sold.


Through all of the recently overused terms- Meltdown, Slowdown, Downturn, Main Street, Wall Street - we have become lost in the real meaning of what we’re going through.   After all when AIG, Bank of America, Citibank and the like take our taxes and splurge on luxurious spa packages, million dollar office makeovers and ill deserved bonuses, how are we consumers supposed to react?  All kinds of emotions are there, but mostly advertisers must tread lightly while selling.  We want to hear some compassion and need some comic relief at this point.  This is where we see successes now in advertising. 


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