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Clients’ Corner

Davinson P. Jr., a client at ADC Rancho Cucamonga, is 28 years old, and was born with cerebral palsy. He is a certified Web Page Designer who loves to write poetry and has submitted his poem, “Tomorrow,” for our first “Clients’ Corner.”



As we go about our chores, rarely does it cross our mind

The real challenge is mine!

Will I be able to control my movements properly?

Or would I be contained by my body?

People don’t realize how difficult it is

To eat, sleep, and live in a temple like this.

To use the computer was once a great flaw

It’s hard to believe; now I use it with a straw.

Wake up and get ready for work at nine,

Many don’t appreciate what they have, a wish which is mine.

Going out and spending time with friends

It’s only a thought I can only pretend.

Seeing your love every day of the week

I would give anything for just a peek.

Admiring parents when their children are grown

Asking the Man upstairs, will He let me have my own?

To all who can do and have the above

Treasure each second, and cherish it with love.

Never again put your priorities last

You may by no means feel them go right past.


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