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Road Map for Internet Marketing: from the beginning

April 4th, 2008 · Comments Off on Road Map for Internet Marketing: from the beginning

Most businesses have had websites for years now without any consideration for search engine marketing. We have all been through the stage of putting up a website, adding the web address to all of our printed material. We may have had the site rebuilt by a professional designer.

Search engine marketing seems to be everywhere we turn. The newspapers and trade journals publish frequent stories on the subject. Solicitations by marketing firms offering to make your site #1 in Google prompt us to consider what we are missing. The arguments they make sound reasonable, “being visible in search engines”, has to be a plus. The question is how much is it worth and how do you go about getting there?

The first step in your journey is to lay out a roadmap, with waypoints along the way. Here we plan a 12-step program where you take advantage of the possible benefits of SEM (search engine marketing) for your business. Each leg along the way has a cost commensurate with the benefit. Many steps have little or no, out of pocket expense and others may involve a substantial investment.

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