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LeadsLander Releases Substantial Upgrade to its LeadsLander Client Engine My Landers

May 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments

LeadsLander Marketers launched designed to help businesses become visible on the web. The first of its products “My Landers” has been substantially revised based on user feedback.

Ed Shea a founding partner stated that, “Our client engine “My Landers” has been redesigned to make it more document centric. The new design is much easier for subscribers without knowledge of the search optimization process to promote their existing websites”.

The LeadsLander Client Engine has an integrated keyword scoring method that easy to understand. The used selects the keyword or phrase that best supports the accompanying text. Page titles and descriptions are generated, and then applied to the generated webpage.

The new release has a more complete Demo mode where many documents can be submitted and scored. Once the user is satisfied with the scoring, they can retain the demo pages for later publishing.

For a limited time Demo, users will have a single LeadsLander published to the web. Unlike “Free” website generator services, all Leadslander pages are automatically submitted to search engines for indexing. The submitted pages have been optimized for search using published search engine guidelines.

Each page contains hyperlinks to the website the user chooses to promote. As pages are added to the account interlinks between are added and updated. This makes for a more search engine friendly publication. Users are searching their local PC networks for candidate documents suitable for a LeadsLander.

The new version is available today with a demonstration video deployed at LL Video Demo.

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Search Marketing Consulting Firms Lose Too Many Prospects

May 8th, 2008 · Comments Off on Search Marketing Consulting Firms Lose Too Many Prospects

Offer prospects a chance to have a positive experience with Search Marketing.

Search Marketing Firms turn away potential clients. Small businesses often put their toes in the water at Search Marketing conferences, and at online forums. The buzz in the news media makes them aware that there is something to Search Marketing. They have successful businesses with professionally produced websites.

The small business owner has no experience with search marketing. The prospect of selling a search marketing campaign to the tune of several thousand dollars is poor. So, what is the SEM firm to do with the interest these companies developed.? They can spend a significant effort selling them or a SEM campaign, or refer them to the “Do it yourself” path. Many of there companies are good prospects for a serious SEM campaign but are lost in the sales cycle.

Search Marketing firms offer volumes of quantity information on their websites and forums, but lose most of these prospects. The purpose of offering free advice in SEO, and SEM is intended to build some credibility that hopefully leads to some business downstream. The problem is the conversion rate is too low for the effort. The advice when taken often leads to a poor experience. Technical skills must be developed for the DIY process to be applied, with the risk of a broken website as a result. Even professionals who tackle SEO on an existing website can have problems contending with someone else’s code.

The solution to losing these prospects is to offer them a path where they can have a positive experience in SEM without a large investment in agency fees or technical training. Introducing the prospect to a product like LeadsLander will provide a positive experience with SEM without the risk of breaking their existing website. In the process of using LeadsLander campaigns, prospects collect the valued content needed for any level of search campaign. LeadsLander account users learn the value of quality content is search rankings. The “magic” of seeing their published work in Google encourages them to see the potential of Search Marketing.

Many of the free tools offered online only reinforce the arcane nature of Search Marketing and confirm the owner’s website is ineffective for search. The first recommendation is often a site rebuild, sending the prospect running in the opposite direction.

Leadslander campaigns can provide the positive experience necessary for a potential client to invest in a comprehensive SEM program downstream.

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Keywords, Keywords where do we find them?

April 30th, 2008 · Comments Off on Keywords, Keywords where do we find them?

Score your text documents for keyword relevance:

Every SEO (search engine optimization) expert starts with a search for keywords that you need to incorporate in the pages of your website. The objective is to find the terms that searchers use when looking for your products. Producing copy that will support these keywords and hopefully, the pages produced, will rank well in a search engine. This convention is well illustrated by Jill Whalen at High Rankings.

There is alternative to the “keyword development” process that collects terms and then produces copy to support the term. Quality copy must read naturally for humans and still contain the keywords found to relate to your product. All along, you have communicated with your customers in this natural style.

The alternative approach is to take all of your existing text documents and analyze them for the most relevant terms as seen by a machine. This approximates the process of the search engine when cataloguing a web page. So lets start there and the analysis tool will tell us what the search term are best supported by the our existing content. Once we know the terms your copy will support we can generate the title and other tags to best present those terms contained in your copy.

Trade publications for your industry also provide a rich source of terms that are timely and topical. Your potential customers search for information related to these articles. You can analyze this content for their keywords and match it up with your inventory. Trade journals have done the work of finding topical material in your business, and then introduce it to your customers.

LeadsLander offers a tool where you can copy and paste any text from your documents or web pages to analyze for keyword relevance. This is like taking an inventory of your text document resources.

Here is a screenshot of the analysis page applied to the bulk of this post. The text is scored for its content and the terms contained are ranked for relevance.

Test Analysis Tool

The tool is free to use for any text document, just login to a Free LeadsLander account

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Content is King, Find text documents on your desktop for publication

April 22nd, 2008 · Comments Off on Content is King, Find text documents on your desktop for publication

Content is King, finding content for your website promotion.

Let’s talk about what makes good content and where we find it. Search Engines all publish guidelines for good content and if followed, should lead to the better rankings. The principal guideline is always to write for the intended audience, your prospective customer.

Providing authoritative information related to your business can take many forms, which you are familiar.

• Advertisement or Flyer
• Application Note
• Customer Service Bulletin
• Sales letters to Customer
• Engineering Change Notice
• Trade Journal Article/White Paper
• Testimonials
• Recommend applications

The texts from these documents are a great source for LeadsLander campaigns, Article submissions, and news releases. The original content is written for a human audience, so it just needs formatting for the search engine. When the original documents address a specific customer or project they may be edited for a general audience. You can find candidates to publish by using the tools built into your desktop.
The example given here is a search in the Microsoft Windows XP. Find documents on your desktop that contain phrases related to your products. In the example, all the documents containing the term “music wire” are listed in the results. Select one of the documents and all or part of the text may be copied for publication.

Cut and paste part or all of the text into your promotional piece.

Now search your email files for key terms and find more candidates for publication.

The next step#6: Score your text documents for keyword relevance:

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Building Links to your website part 2:

April 16th, 2008 · Comments Off on Building Links to your website part 2:

Who is linking to our website and how do we know if the search engine assigns any value to these links?

Links can serve to direct traffic to your site, and boost the position of your pages in the organic results. Submitting your site to industry related web sites and directories could be helpful when those sites are ranking well in the search results. You will get an indication of the pages linking to a web site using the link popularity tools. These tools are not comprehensive and dependant on reporting from the search engines

January 18th, 2008 at 01:07 pm by Fionn in Thoughts

Link building is becoming an essential ongoing marketing strategy according to Justilien Gaspard at Search Engine Watch. In his article looking at the top challenges facing SEO and Links Building for 2008 he states:

I think this is very true. Many companies view SEO as one off and when they are ranked they congratulate themselves on a job well done. However this complacency leads to problems down the road where rankings are lost and the panic begins. So my resolution for all clients (and indeed everyone with an online business) in 2008 is to pay close attention to your links and be actively involved in developing new ones. This tactic is vital for continued success in these competitive times.


Search engines put a lot of effort into filtering spam from their ranking methods. The process of developing links can be very time consuming, so focus on links that will provide the most value. Search engines generally ignore any in-links to your site from pages without content related to your site. is one tool designed to provide quality links to your site. The tool is most effective when the content provided is highly relevant to the target pages.

The next step#5: Finding content for your website promotion campaign:

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