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This blog is supported by LeadsLander and the tools it provides to Web Site owners. We review Search Marketing practices that may be employed by the marketing personnel without the need of expensive consulting services. These practices are embodied in web based tools that may be used by your own marketing personnel.

There are many competent search marketing professionals in the field who may assist your company in developing sales through search marketing. The costs of competent services are more that most businesses are willing to pay without a first having a positive experience with search marketing.

LeadsLander and its extensions are designed to deliver low cost solutions that will substantially improve the visibility of a company’s products and services in the organic (free) search engine results. These methods will outperform many methods requiring much greater expertise and expense.

Technology is most beneficial once the underlying mechanics become transparent to the user. This means it becomes widely available to users without developing an arcane technical specialty. Those who have developed some expertise will find that they can leverage the LeadsLander strategy to enhance their efforts involving additional sales persons in their companies.

The bottom line is; you focus on your business while taking advantage of additional exposure in search engines.