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Google Insights for Search Added To Leadslander

September 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

How do we choose the best keyword terms to use in our LeadsLander campaigns?  

Google has made a new tool available that make answering the questions a much easier task. Google Insights for Search provided relative search volume for up to five selected terms.  The results reported are relative search counts for search terms.  Entering a term you know to be highly relevant to you product you can give you a good idea of the relative search volume.

The results can be filtered to provide geographic, seasonal, and category information about the search volume. Further insights are given with the search volume of related terms. 

Start with your document in LeadsLander, once you have the terms displayed click the button

Load Google Insights for Search Button

  to load the Google tool with your Green terms.

In Keyword selection, there are only three things that count. 

  1. How relevant is your content to the term
  2. Is your target audience searching for the term
  3. The volume searches for the term

You can now add or edit your content to improve performance for you LeadsLander Web Pages. Using the LeadsLander built in editor you may want to use search and replace to produce another page that in essentially the same content with a term that has more search traffic.

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