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Web Designers and Web Developers have a hard time selling clients on incorporating SEO

September 4th, 2008 · No Comments

The first concern of a web developer or designer is to satisfy his or her client. The view that a client brings to the table when selecting a designer is often a visceral one. The style and look of your portfolio far outweighs the long-term performance of existing sites.

You are often dealing with the company owner’s ego and that of their staff. The graphic presentation of the design is what gets most of the attention. You sold them on the aesthetics of the design now you are faced with extracting some textual content to support the graphics. I have talked with designers that have referred to this problem as content starvation.

The result is you have a happy client with a nice looking design that does not perform in search. You are lucky if they come back to you for advice on improving performance of the site. You are not too lucky if they find an SEO firm that disparages your design as not search engine friendly. You may have lost a client along with potential referrals.

The worst case for the client is that they adopt a scheme from an un-reputable SEO firm that sours them on the process. You want to keep your relationship with you client and lead them into the process. You may not be in the SEO business; however, it will pay dividends to collaborate with one when the client moves into the promotion phase.

Once you have published your client’s web site keep in touch with them. Provide them a path to grow the value of their online presence with SEO. The more attention their web site receives the more they will be willing to invest in upgrades.

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